Q. Will The Workshop 2022 happen to be online or residential?   
A.   The 24th edition Praxis International Commune on Participatory Development, The Workshop 2022, will be held online or residential keeping in mind the risks of COVID. 
Q. How can I apply for the Workshop 2022?   
A. This information will be updated soon. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please write to us at
Q. How many modules can I apply for the Workshop 2022?   
A.  You can list out your three preferences based on your choice. Only the most subscribed modules will run. 
Q. Will I get to attend more than one module? 
A. Modules run parallelly in the workshop (both online/residential). A participant can attend only one module at a time.

Q. Are there any scholarships that I can avail off?  
A. Very few scholarships are available. Madura Pandit Scholarship is one of them, which is offered in the memory of young, committed and diligent Praxian. The scholarship will cover the fee for one participant. For information on eligibility criteria please check the details on the workshop main page or write to us at

Q. Are there any discounts available?  
A.  Yes, we offer discounts but on a conditional basis. 
-An early bird discount of 30% is available for all participants who apply before the early bird discontinuation date. 
-For every 10 participants from the same organisation; the 11th person can participate at 100% discount. 
-For every 5 participants from the same organisation; the 6th person can participate at 50% discount.   
These discounts are applicable for both national and international participants.   

Q. Can I avail off all the discounts?  
A. A participant can avail only one discount scheme at a time.

Q. How can I pay?  
A. Please write to us at info@theworkshop.in for details on payment of fees. 
Q. Will there be a schedule for the module sessions?   
A.  Yes, a Handbook detailing the schedule of the 8-day workshop will be shared with the registered participants. 
Q. How much time will I spend in a virtual workshop every day?  
A.  The 6-day workshop will be run for 4 hours each day.  

Q. Can I change my thematic application module after the workshop has started?  
A. No. Participants are encouraged to select their choice of thematic application modules at the time of filling out the application form.  
Q. How do I get access to the class materials?  
A. The training reference materials and PowerPoint presentations of the workshops will be uploaded online and a link to access these will be shared with the participants on the last day of the workshop.   
Q. Will I get the recordings of the workshop? 
A. No. We encourage the participants to engage in an open ended discussion to reflect their thoughts. The sharing of recorded videos might impact the spirit of discussions. 

Q. Is it compulsory to attend evening talks and cultural programmes??  
A. Yes, these events form an important part of the workshop.  During the evening talks we try to bring on board the relevant experiences/perspectives from the development sector. The cultural programme encourages participants to showcase their talent and art forms from their culture ,creating an ambience for people of different backgrounds to get to know different cultures and bond together.

Q. Will there be any opportunity to network with other participants?
A. Yes, we organise a “conversation corridor” for the participants of all the modules during the weekend to get to know each other and their domains of work through fun games and interactive exercises. 
Q. How can I share my experience and feedback to the organisers? 
A. Feedback is an integral part of the workshop as it helps us to learn and grow. A feedback session is organised on a daily basis which help facilitators to plan for the next day. A feedback form is also made available to the participants
before the  last day of the workshop to record their responses.

Q. Are there any cancellation charges if I am not able to participate in the workshop after registering?

A. In case of cancellations 20 days prior to the start of the workshop, Praxis reserves the right to withhold 25% of the fee for administrative and opportunity costs. If cancellation request comes within 20 days prior to the start of the workshop, 30% of the fees will be deducted, and incase of cancellation after the workshop has begun, 35% of the fees will be deducted.