TheWorkshop will be held between 1-8 March, 2017. The venue is New Delhi, India. 

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The  schedule to be followed will be announced shortly.


 About Praxis:

'Praxis ... remains one of the largest proponents of PRA networking through their biannual (sic) PRA thematic workshops… These practitioners' networks, as I learned later, were a very important strategy for the spread of out and were also mechanisms for facilitating reflections and learning to ensure good practice of participatory methods. Robert (Chambers) was very passionate about them…'


Quoted from Networking: Building a Global Movement for PRA and other Participatory Methods by Samuel Musembi Musyoki in Revolutionizing Development: Reflections on the work of Robert Chambers (2011) ed. Andrea Cornwall and Ian Scoones.


The thematic workshop is an annual residential event that brings  together development workers, policy makers and proactive individuals from across the world to learn, share and grow in the field of participatory development. It provides a theoretical understanding of participatory approaches/tools as well as the opportunity to apply them in the field.


About  TheWorkshop:

In the past 19 years, the workshop has attracted close to 1470 participants from 47 countries. Among them are policy makers, development professionals from INGOs, NGOs and CBOs students and proactive individuals.

Past Modules have included Public Accountability, Community-Led Local Level Planning, Training of Trainers, Project Management, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Participatory Methods and Approaches and Participatory Poverty Assessment.