'Praxis, which came out of the ActionAid India training unit, remains one of the largest proponents of PRA networking through their biannual (sic) PRA thematic workshops… These practitioners' networks, as I learned later, were a very important strategy for the spread of PRA and were also mechanisms for facilitating reflections and learning to ensure good practice of participatory methods. Robert (Chambers) was very passionate about them…'

Quoted from Networking: Building a Global Movement for PRA and other Participatory Methods by Samuel Musembi Musyoki in Revolutionizing Development: Reflections on the work of Robert Chambers (2011) ed. Andrea Cornwall and Ian Scoones.


'The Praxis case from India... emerges as a great example of a non-governmental organization investing in building the capacities of practitioners in CBR (community-based research). Workshops and need-based training programs are the channels which Praxis uses to build CBR capacities of researchers. The former is conducted annually and provides a theoretical understanding of participatory approaches, in addition to experiential learning opportunities.'

Quoted from Knowledge & Engagement: Building Capacity for the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers, a summarisation of a global study titled Building the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers, funded by the Social Science and Human Research Council of Canada


'We're piloting one barangay (panchayat) today for the participatory evaluation. Our plan is to engage 700 to 1000 community people in all... I'm so happy that this is happening only four months after i attended the Praxis workshop and this will also feed into the phil (Phillippines) Red Cross community participation framework that I'm helping develop in the technical working group. Thanks!’

Sheila from Red Cross, Philippines, as shared on Social Media